Origin of the GRyCAP

The Grid and High-Performance Computing (GRyCAP) research group from the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) was founded in 1986 by professor Vicente Hernández García. It has focused its activities in the development and application of Grid, Cloud and High-Performance Computing technologies in different application domains such as engineering, biomedicine, e-Government or scientific computation.
The GRyCAP has taken part in a significant number of European, National and Regional projects related to Grid and Cloud technologies (oriented to the development of applications, the development of middleware technologies and the deployment and operation of infrastructure resources). The GRyCAP has also focused recently on the management of large-scale data, especially in the area of biomedicine.


The GRyCAP was awarded as a research excellence group in 2003 by the regional government of Valencia (reference GRUPOS03/21), and the GRyCAP is currently integrated into the Institute of Instrumentation for Molecular Imaging (I3M). Previously, the GRyCAP formed part of the ITACA (Institute of advanced communication and information technologies) research institute, the Network Centre for Biomedical Engineering (CRIB) and the Institute of Informatics Technologies (ITI). The members of the group have participated in close to 100 research projects and contracts and have authored more than 150 publications in the last ten years.


The group members teach on three Master courses, with distinctive participation in the Parallel and Distributed Computing Master course (http://www.upv.es/titulaciones/MUCPD/indexe.html), awarded with the EURO-INF international excellence certification. The group leads the online teaching centre in AWS Cloud Computing courses.